Brianàn Dolan

Practitioner & Naturopath

Born in Ireland, Brianàn is a mother of 3 daughters and a passionate advocate. Functional medicine is a 2nd career born out of finding solutions for her severe migraines while pregnant and her autoimmune disease.  She struggled with managing pain and symptoms and couldn’t take medication while pregnant. Brianàn was convinced that there had to be more answers and better solutions. Through her journey and struggle to regain her health, Brianàn was stirred with passion to teach and help others who have found themselves in what is seemingly a hopeless and helpless medical mess. Her mission for better health is to help others implement the tools found through functional medicine that brought health back to her own life.

Brianàn went on to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist who is trained in applying the practices of functional medicine. A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Brianàn achieved her Naturopathic training at College of Naturopathic Medicine. In addition, she has completed all of the advanced practice modules of the Institute of Functional Medicine and is working towards certification. She’s worked at some of the most reputable clinics in the UK including the Hale Clinic.  She’s worked alongside of Michael Wittstadt in his Lyme clinic, Villa MediGrun in Frankfurt and has seen patients make full recovery when they have worked with her before stem cell treatment at Villa MediGrun. She specializes in helping people who suffer from the effects of Lyme disease. She has spent more than a decade conducting extensive research on Lyme disease and coinfections.

Knowledge & Passion

Education & Credentials


Degree in Naturopathic Medicine


Completed All Advanced Practice Modules of IFM


IFM certification (in progress)


11 years at Hale Clinic


Worked alongside Michale Wittstadt at Villa MediGrun


Extensive research on Lyme disease

Holistic + Integrated Approach

What is Functional Medicine & Naturopathy?

More than alleviating symptoms, we work together to remove the source of illness and restore health.

More than Medicine

The most common experience in modern medicine is to receive a diagnosis and a prescription to manage symptoms. You start on one medication and then add another to handle the side effects.  Before you know it, you are taking a handful of pills and still no better. Traumatic and infectious conditions need rapid response and quick treatment, but chronic disease requires finding the culprit of the symptoms. It also requires adjusting all of the aspects of a person’s life that contributed to their arrival. Medicine is one tool, but there are many many more tools to activate.

Lifestyle Therapy

The environment in which we live, the products we use and are exposed to, the amount of stress we live under, our amount of activity, sleep patterns and the food we eat are all areas that are examined and altered to support healing with a functional medicine approach.

Personalized Plans

While a diagnosis name is the same from person to person, the way to treat it needs to be unique and personalized. Functional medicine practitioners share a deep value of creating treatment plans with a very individualized approach.

Not just Symptom Management

While symptom management is helpful and sometimes, very necessary, it is not a permanent solution. Functional medicine seeks to treat the reason for the symptoms not just the symptoms themselves.

Patient Experiences