Let’s get to the heart of your health

Proactive steps for a future of well-being, vitality, and peace of mind.

The Essential Heart

Heart disease doesn’t always announce itself loudly. Mundane signs and symptoms can be overlooked as the side effect of a busy life.

Take this self assessment to see if your heart is sending you important signals you need to listen to.

Brianán Dolan

Functional Medicine & Naturopathy

Dedicated to your heart health.

Modern life is busy. It can be demanding on our bodies and deplete the resources that we need to feel good, rested, productive and energetic.

If you’re someone who flops down at the end of the day, worn out by all the mental and physical demands on your plate; if you regularly need to pop a paracetamol when you don’t have time for that headache; or if you have a niggling curiousity about what’s really going on inside your body …

– your blood holds the answers!

Your blood can tell us the true story of your current and future health. I help my clients to find out what’s going on under the hood. Your car gets an M.O.T. every year, why not you?!

Working with me means getting to the heart of your health, literally! We test, I study your blood test results, I provide insights and create tailored plans for a return to optimal health and a vibrant, fulfilling life. So rather than waiting for something drastic to come down the track, we can put preventative measures in place instead.

Think of me as the heart whisperer!

“Aged 59, I got in touch with Brianan as tests had shown I had significant risks in the areas of thyroid and adrenal function, blood sugar and cardiovascular health. With Brianan’s help, support and coaching over three months, further tests showed significant improvements in each of these areas. I particularly appreciated that Brianan tailored a range of interventions and improvements (eg around nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep, holistic and mainstream treatments) to my specific situation and lifestyle, rather than a “one size fits all” approach. She also balanced honesty and directness with a friendly and compassionate communication style. I would definitely consider working with Brianan again, and strongly recommend her to other people who are seeking optimum health.”

D. D.


Why do an M.O.T. for your heart?

You want your energy back

You flop down after a meal a conk out even if it’s the early afternoon.

You want your productivity back

Brain fog is really starting to effect your ability to focus at work.

You want your performance back

You’re struggling to perform
(yes, guys, I mean THAT performance).

You want your future back

You’ve got a niggling fear about certain illnesses that run in your family.

Brianan’s guidance, undoubtedly saved me and led me to the road of recovery.”


Work Together

Comprehensive Approach

We need to look at the big picture.  

Full History Intake

Gathering all of the pertinent details of your story and historical timeline.

Diagnostic Testing

Tests will be performed based on your case and areas that need more information. 

In-depth investigation + analysis

Compiling all of the “evidence”, all of the clues are used to define a proactive next step.

Targeted holistic treatment plan

Based on what has been discovered, a personalized and targeted plan will be designed and implemented.

One-on-one consults

As the action plan is implemented, we will work together to review response and make all adjustments needed.


Treatment plans include supplemental vitamins, minerals, and herbs in addition to standard medication. Initial supplement protocol is included.

We’re going to discover what’s going on under the hood and find your path to optimal health.

— Brianan Dolan

You don’t have to wait 

Take proactive steps

We tend to accept fatigue, brain fog and the odd headache as part of a busy life. I hear so many people just accept that it’s just “part of getting older”. But when we do this work together, we take the mystery out of why you’re feeling low and knackered, I’m here to help you unlock oodles of energy, greater focus, improved performance and get the pep back in your step. Let’s take the reigns and take proactive steps towards feeling better and a future of well-being, vitality, and peace of mind.