Having lost a lot of faith in conventional doctors who had been diagnosing and treating me unsuccessfully for various things for 2 years I was referred to Brianan by another POTs sufferer who also has Brianan to thank for her recovery. I was finally receiving help from someone who genuinely cared and answered my emails and calls around the clock! Brianan was able to look further than other doctors and finally gave me the correct diagnosis with a tailored plan of diet changes and medication that put me in the perfect condition to receive treatment- the combination of which eventually got me better. I have and would highly recommend Brianan and the Hale clinic.

E. M.

After years of battling chronic pain, traveling the world for answers and suffering in silence, Brianan’s guidance, support and commitment undoubtedly saved me and led me to the road of recovery.

Today I can finally enjoy my young children without being overcome with crippling pain. 


Seeing Brianan was one of the best decisions of my life! Having suffered for years with Adrenal Fatigue and Hypoglycaemia she filled me with confidence from day one and put me at ease that progress could be made and that I would one day feel more like my old self. I can happily say that this is exactly true and that under her guidance and recommendations I improved dramatically and am now almost completely better! I cannot thank her enough for all her help. 

D. L.

I went to Brianan as I was told I had glandular fever by the NHS but I was a lot sicker than that. She completed thorough tests, which confirmed her suspicions that I had chronic Lyme Disease. Without this diagnosis I have no idea where I’d be. Starting her treatment plan with diet and supplements helped me massively. My symptoms were so horrific and dramatically changed with Brianan’s help and knowledge. My family and I are beyond grateful for her expertise as Lyme is a difficult illness to diagnose. I would definitely recommend her for any health issues.

I came to Brianan because of Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease. I also had chronic constipation and was in extreme pain as conventional medicine had failed me after 2 visits to A and E. Within a couple of days Brianan managed to get my bowel moving and told me how to manage the constipation while she conducted tests. My bowel is now moving more freely and my thyroid levels are normal and I am also on no medication from conventional medicine. By conducting comprehensive tests for mould, Sibo, viral overload and blood tests, Brianan was able to get to the root of my problems. I have no hesitation in recommending Brianan as her weekly hourly zoom calls have been invaluable in terms of alleviating my fears about my health while proactively helping me to heal.

Brianan’s assessment and analysis of personal case history in its entirety is fascinating and highly educative.

She then applies her extensive knowledge, skill set and medical expertise most accurately. Instructions are simple, clear, easy and tailored to the individual.

This combination and her holistic and ethical approach to therapy makes her stand out.

I have been freed from severe depression, anxiety, burn-out and most importantly from antidepressants.

Alongside this, a variety of minor ailments were eradicated too. All I had to do is commit to the instructions.

It was a life changing experience.

Thank you Brianan, your’re first class. I cannot thank and recommend you highly enough.


I don’t want to imagine where I would be now without seeing Brianan. After feeling unwell for quite sometime and seeing a number of medics but unfortunately not receiving any answers, a friend recommended Brianan. Brianan has been with me every step of the way, from getting to the root cause of my ill-health namely Lyme disease to reversing the disease and getting the all clear. I worked with Brianan on a 18-month programme and I received constant support and management from her throughout. I cannot thank her enough for getting my life back on track. I would highly recommend her to anyone that has had a diagnosis of Lyme disease or any chronic illness and is looking for answers. Brianan left no stone unturned to support my recovery.

O. C.