Finding the Root Cause

Diagnostic Testing

In order to bring longterm health, we need to turn over every rock to uncover anything that is contributing to your current symptoms or that may present symptoms in the future. Dependent on the case, we may do 3 or more of the tests below.  There are other tests that may be needed.

Comprehensive Blood Test

Environmental Toxin Screening

Viral Testing

Hormone Testing

Lyme Test

Food Intolerance Testing

“Test Don’t Guess”

Sample Test Reports

In Functional Medicine, we say “test don’t guess.” We can’t accurately determine what is happening with your body unless we have data to help us review your biochemistry, hormones and toxicity levels.  Initial tests and testing along the way help us to create the best targeted plan.

Testing Gives a More comprehensive picture

Test not Guess

Testing helps us to “see” things that we can’t know by just conversation.  It supports our process in drawing more accurate conclusions from information and patterns of what is happening in your body.

Your symptoms are not usually an effect of one cause. It’s often found that it is not just one thing that will get you back to health. Tests help us to uncover the multiple variables that need addressing.