Get the Change you Seek

Restoration not just Relief

We are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering from fatigue, loss of focus, and performance. Many people accept this as just a part of a busy life, but addressing the underlying causes of these symptoms can help you to regain your energy, performance and productivity.  Choosing functional medicine is choosing an integrated and comprehensive approach in your path to optimal health.

What is a “comprehensive Approach”?

The Institute of Functional Medicine uses a tree analogy to describe functional medicine. Typically, conventional medicine treats what’s above the surface — symptoms and disease — functional medicine also addresses what’s below the surface, the root of the disease.

Medical Nutrition

Sleep & Stress Management

Exercise and Activity

Environment & Lifestyle

Your Body is Like a House

Addressing Your Health from “Ground to Sky”

The house is only as stable as the ground it’s built upon. The structure is only as strong as what it’s built with and how it holds up under external pressure. Often our body’s negative symptoms are a response to what it’s been exposed to as well as missing “maintenance” of all of the pieces from the foundation, to the plumbing, to the walls, the roof and even our “heating and air thermostat” systems. Functional medicine addresses the “whole house”, the “whole you” for wholeness and wellness.

What’s Included?

Package Components

Full History Intake

Gathering all of the pertinent details of your story and historical timeline is crucial to identifying patterns and discovering cause of your symptoms.

Diagnostic Testing

Functional medicine tests will be performed based on your case and areas that need more information. Normally, we’ll do 3-4 or more tests. Further testing may be required throughout the 6 month+ program.

In-Depth Investigation + Analysis

Compiling all of the “evidence”, all of the clues are used to piece together the cause of your symptoms and inform your targeted treatment plan.

Targeted Holistic Treatment Plan

Based on what has been discovered, a personalized and targeted treatment plan will be designed and implemented.

One-On-One Consults

As the action plan is implemented, we will work together to review response and make all adjustments needed to continue moving toward healing.


Treatment plans include needed supplemental vitamins, minerals, and herbs in addition to standard medication. Initial supplement protocol is included.

Your permanent healing requires a longterm commitment to your health. Clients who commit to regular and consistent appointments over several months see the best outcomes and make the most progress.

What to Expect

5 Step Process

As you prepare to take the next step, it’s helpful to know what to expect.

Step 1


Before we decide to work together, it’s important that we talk. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any leftover questions you may have and I will get a clear idea of your readiness and whether I would be the best fit for you.

Step 2


Our first few appointments will be heavy on the research, the testing, and the discovery. We will take an extensive look into all of the areas and pieces that could be
contributing to your pain or illness.

Step 3


After turning over every rock, we will create a personalized plan that will address your
body’s needs from a holistic perspective. It will be a targeted approach based on the findings of the history intake and testing.

Step 4


This is the part when you’ll put the plan into action. The beginning stages of implementation can be the most challenging so it’s important we meet frequently for accountability, support
and help adjusting the plan to suit your needs.

Step 5


It doesn’t end when the plan is given. That’s where is really begins. From there, we’ll need follow up sessions to adjust the plan and review the results as you progress. 

Are you Ready?

Willing to Put in the Work?

I’m ready to commit my time and be fully dedicated to your healing journey, but are you? I can only help as much as you’re willing to put in the work. I can’t do it for you, but I will absolutely do this with you. So ask yourself these questions:


Are you willing to commit to 3 months or more?


Are you willing to show up weekly for consults?


Are you willing to make diet and lifestyle changes?


Are you willing to change and break habits?


If you are, please contact me for a discovery call.

Here to Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you worked with other people who have my disease?

Not necessarily, however I will be supporting you the patient not the disease.  I also work as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and work within that paradigm

Why do you recommend 3-6 month programmes, can’t I just make an appointment every 4-6 weeks?

It takes time to see results when working with chronic health conditions, such as Lyme disease, autoimmune illnesses or gut issues.

Committing to a long term programme gives you the opportunity to focus on improving your health, with the support you need. During the first 3-months you will be able to have regular support calls, and after that we will discuss the level of support you need. Speaking regularly means that you can ask questions when you have them and we can adjust the programme as we go.

How long will it take me to get better?

This really depends upon you the individual. As with any Functional Medicine based programme, you will need to do the work, prepare food, follow recommendations, show up for your consultations

How much improvement can I expect after 3-months?

Realistically, we would expect to see a 50% improvement. However, if you have been ill for a very long time, with a misdiagnosis, it may take much longer. Sadly there is no magic bullet, as many areas need addressing and monitoring. Recovery to good health is not linear, there will be set back as well as progress. This is a normal recovery process.

What is included in the 3-6 month programme?

Every programme is different, as it is tailored to your needs.

  • We will discuss and agree the main areas to be focussed upon. Not everything can be addressed at once when recovering from a chronic illness
  • Regular consults for the first 3-months
  • Recommended supplements during the length of the programme, and relating to the issues agreed upon. If additional issues occur we can discuss how to proceed and any additional cost implications
  • Any testing required to support the issues of concern. Tests can help identify what needs to be prioritised

How do I get started?

Book a free, no obligation 30-minute discovery call. We can discuss your situation and you can tell me about yourself, and we can decide if we want to work together.