There are 1 million people in the UK walking around with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes

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While this is a shocking headline, to some extent it didn’t surprise me. Type 2 diabetes often operates incognito. Not everyone presents with those hallmark symptoms of frequent peeing and excessive thirst.

You’re unlikely to wake up one day and think

“Oh my, my blood-sugar feels rather high today!”

So if you don’t have those well known symptoms, you likely won’t suspect a thing.

What is type 2 diabetes (NHS Website)

The risk factors are far from mysterious though; they often involve excess weight, particularly around the abdominal region, a high carb diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. Unlike acute ailments, the onset of Type 2 diabetes lacks dramatic symptoms, making it even more important for individuals to remain vigilant, even in the absence of overt indicators.

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Untreated Type 2 diabetes poses substantial risks, particularly to nerve and vascular health. It is imperative to recognize the gravity of this condition and the potential long-term implications it may carry.

The good news is that Type 2 diabetes is frequently preventable through lifestyle modifications. These include prudent weight management, regular physical activity, and an understanding of one’s genetic predispositions.

Early diagnosis is pivotal in mitigating the adverse effects of Type 2 diabetes. Routine check-ups and comprehensive blood tests, administered by healthcare professionals, are the first steps in maintaining optimal health.

While conventional healthcare addresses the treatment of illnesses, functional medicine emphasizes preventive measures. As your guide in this journey, my role is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent Type 2 diabetes and its potential ramifications.

If you’re inspired to take charge of your well-being and explore strategies for preventative healthcare, I invite you to connect.

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